"A beautiful musicality."

- Rachel Hore, friend and mentor.

Songstress, raconteur and people-watcher Jocelyn Moen sings with range and conviction. Her genre-defying songs carry vivid impressions of encounters with friends, lovers, garbage trucks, teacosies, platypodes and more. Some are in French and all thrum with musicality and joie de vivre. She recorded her first album La Rouge Qui Bouge in 2006 in Paris, where she lived for several years. In 2012-2013 she released her solo album Spirit Level and mamma rock duo with Christina Low released their self-titled album Runcible Spoon.

Now living in the Blue Mountains with her young family, Moen has re-established herself in Australia playing local venues and festivals. Threepenny Moon, her cabaret duo with spouse Martin Dawes, perform classics in French, English and German, jazz standards and originals. In 2019 Threepenny Moon released their self-titled debut album. She also founded and directs VOILA! Blue Mountains French Choir, composing songs for them and Daylight Choir who she recently inherited from Rachel Hore.


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