Runcible Spoon

Runcible Spoon is a musical duo from the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia, performing child and parent-friendly folk blues and roots music.

Runcible Spoon is Joce Moen and Christina Low. We use rich, funny intricate and unique female harmonies to perform original songs about parenthood, childhood, and just trying to hold onto the rollercoaster of life.  

Runcible Spoon also perform a broad collection of

folk cover songs and old favourites. 
Joce Moen is music educator who has worked in Australia, Europe and Canada. She has written, directed and conducted 3 musicals for children both here and overseas, and currently leads the Daylight and Voila! French community choirs.  Christina Low is a singer-songwriter and sometimes environmental scientist who writes music in English, Indonesian and Chinese.  Runcible Spoon's music is influenced by Joce and Christina's adventures as mothers, cultural backgrounds, and their love and fascination of the natural world. 

Book the Runcies now as travelling troubadour entertainment, to surprise your loved ones as singing lettergrams, for intimate venues and for your next entertaining event.


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